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What is Musations?

Musations allows you to describe your inner most feelings through music; to share, discover, create and discuss music like no other social media can possibly do. It allows everyone, professionals and amateurs, to create musical content and receive feedback on its popularity. For aspiring artists there are purpose built App functions that allow record labels and artist managers to tap into the independent confirmation of your popularity. It’s also about having fun and being social through musical expression, whether that be creating lip-syncs, free format music video and voice recordings, then sharing your work with your friends. Musations is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or Instagram – and features a library of more than 50 million music tracks.

Enjoy Musations, and remember, “Don’t just say it, play it.”

The App

Lip Sync

Throwdown a challenge to your friends with a lipsync battle. Find a track, edit (if you want) and then dominate your friends! At least till they come back demanding a rematch...

Sound Clips

Heard a song you like? Maybe you don't know what it is, or who by. No problem, hit the listen button and Musations will identify the track and let you broadcast to your followers

How does it work?

Are you management, a record label or an artist

We have a special place for you to verify and start using our powerful platform to reach your audience


Musations Lab

We all need a place where we can meet, talk and experiment at the fusing of emotion and music.

A place where everybody is welcome and where one can play, watch and contribute.

Upgrade your Musations account

The Aspiring Artist non-renewing subscription gives you full access to the premium user features plus allows you to promote 4 posts to 1000 users who are not currently following you!

Go artist! Increase your fanbase!
Premium User is available through a non-renewing Subscription, this user level allows you to promote one of your posts to 100 users per month, it removes the advertising from the player and gives you access to featured content in advance of standard users!

Get in Touch

We love to hear your feedback as we are constantly striving to make Musations better. So if you have any ideas, or just want to say "hi", please send us an message